Staying Sane

Do you ever wish sometimes never had a heart? That you just want to literally RIP your heart out and throw it into the deepest depths of hell? Okay, that may be too much but that pretty much sums up how i feel right now. I can’t pretend to say hi to you every morning with a smile on my face, while deep down i truly feel like shit..the lowest of the low. Why? I have no idea..kind of feels like i’m going into depression..but anyway, lets keep this positive 🙂

‘I will stay with you, through the ups and the downs..i will stay with you, when no one else is around..’ (Points if you can tell me who sang that..)

She came in wearing the lipstick i love. She looks amazing to me, and i want to tell her..but i can’t. Because if i go over there i may break down..whoever said that a man can’t express his emotions?! I feel like i lost a 4 leaf clover…unlucky. That’s what i get for wearing my heart on my sleeve i guess.

ION, I’m close to hitting my targets at work. Sales is not an easy any means. It takes dedication, aggression and a whole lot of..courage. Convincing a CEO of a multi-national to invest hundreds of thousands in advertising is incredibly frightening. Only thing i concentrate on is my commission if i nail the deal.

Take me away from here, take me somewhere, where love is like breathing..i don’t care where we go, as long as i’m there with you.. John Legend has a magical way of making you relate to his music in the simplest way possible..

I’m going to start blogging about marketing/sales strategies, failed and succeeded in other parts of the world and right here in the +254. That’s me signing off.



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