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Last night we were caught by surprise. Our nation was caught by surprise. Gunmen attacked Mpeketoni, an Island in Lamu. Forget that there are manned road blocks on your way to Lamu. So it would be safe to say that someone was either sleeping on the job, or…someone was happily enjoying a ‘Its our time to eat moment.’ But no, you cant just assume and speak of such things. Why? Because that would be viewed as undermining the forces. Incitement if you may.
This morning, we woke up to reports of the death toll standing at 26. Others claimed 34. As we speak, i’ve seen over 3 different figures. Something I’m used to really as a Kenyan. We never really know what is happening, numbers always differ and at the end someone usually gives a, ‘The situation is under control’ briefing and that’s it. That story is laid to rest.

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